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Rochele Carpio


With her Filipino background, becoming a nurse came naturally to Nurse Rochele. However, working in the hospital setting for the first year of her career…she already knew that the type of nursing she wanted to do was outside of the norm. She pushed through a year of medical nursing in order to obtain critical thinking skills and nursing skills that can only be learned in the hospital setting. As soon as she was able, she pursued a career in cosmetic nursing not knowing where it was going to lead or if it was going to be successful at all.

She knew she was good at one thing inside the hospital and outside…allowing people to see their worth. She wanted to take care of people in a different light, where she could help them carry out the version of themselves that is motivated, confident and radiant. She understands that these procedures can provoke such anxiety, especially in first time patients. Therefore, she makes the consultation process as thorough as possible to ease any worries prior to beginning the procedure. She keeps expectations realistic and works using a minimalist approach to ensure that the transformation is gradual and as natural as possible.

In her free time she enjoys playing fetch with her chihuahua Hershey, bike riding in the summer and trying new restaurants of all cuisines.